Is complexity holding back your business?

Charles Kingsmill

Leaders always know when a business is capable of more. They’re all too aware of the missed targets; they can see the distractions and the firefighting; and they know that a clearer, more streamlined enterprise is trying to get out.

Most teams and organisations lose their mojo sometimes. Complexities mount up, and urgent tasks get in the way of what’s important. It’s easy for everyone to lose sight of what made the business successful.

Every so often, a reboot is essential. A deliberate decision to invest some time looking in the mirror and challenge your priorities. To stop doing some things, adjust others, and get renewed clarity about the essence of your business. To start the next chapter of your story.

I’ll help you to hammer out a clearer business strategy, and to present your plans with confidence, so that you get all the investment, resources and support you need. And so that you can find your business mojo.

I’ve spent my whole career spicing up business propositions, in organisations of all shapes and sizes, with CEOs and managers, professionals and entrepreneurs.  Depending on what you need, I can help you with three things:

  1. Getting the fundamentals clear – like your business model, strategy, culture and brand.
  2. Writing your business plan and pitch materials.
  3. Presenting your plan – whether that’s to a pitch to investors, or a presentation to your board, partners, staff or clients.

I’m dedicated to demystifying the world of business planning and strategy, and to getting you clear and confident about your story, so that you can win over any audience.

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