Do you suspect your business is capable of more? Are these 3 things holding you back…?

Spices and herbs1. A plan that’s not clear. If I asked the people around you what your business is trying to do, would I get several different answers?

2. A plan you can’t implement. Is something making it hard to put your plan into practice – the culture, limited time, limited resources?

3. A plan that’s not focused. Are you trying to do too many things – and are you unwilling to stop any of them?

Salt and various spices over white backgroundThe first step to winning is getting clear. The best companies in the world do complex things, but their plans are simple. Their clarity means that they make quick decisions and rapid progress.

I help my clients to develop powerful plans, and to express them in simple words. And I continue to help them get all the resources they need and the results they want.

“I found working with Charles Kingsmill invaluable”
(CEO of Brainjuicer and Entrepreneur of the Year)

5 chilli powders-1How my ‘Simple Powerful Plans’ approach could help you
a free introduction…

In 5 days from now, you could be explaining your business much more convincingly – to yourself, your prospects and your investors. 
Every successful business needs to be able to answer 5 questions. These questions are simple, but also very tough. I’ll send you one question each day for 5 days, together with a full guide to the best way of answering each one.

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