Can you present your business plan with clarity and confidence?

Charles Kingsmill

Any business plan is only as good as your ability to bring it to life.  So if you’re not getting the response you need – approval, capital, commitment, action – then it’s time to look again at your plan and the way you present it.

I’ll help you to write a business plan with real commercial bite, and to present it with confidence, so that you get all the investment, resources and support you need.

I’ve spent my whole career spicing up business propositions, in organisations of all shapes and sizes, with CEOs and managers, professionals and entrepreneurs.  Depending on what you need, I can help you with three things:

  1. Getting the fundamentals clear – like your business model, strategy, culture and brand.
  2. Writing your business plan and pitch materials.
  3. Presenting your plan – whether that’s to a pitch to investors, or a presentation to your board, partners, staff or clients.

I’m dedicated to demystifying the world of business planning and strategy, and to getting you clear and confident about your story, so that you can win over any audience.

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