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Do your strategy meetings

go round in circles? 


Charles KingsmillHi, I’m Charles Kingsmill. If the question above rings true for you, then you’re not alone.  Quite the reverse.  Crafting and implementing a new strategy is one of the hardest things for a group of people to attempt and very few manage to create a really compelling result.

Most people in business today don’t have the luxury of deep thinking time. If problems arise, they just go with the first answer. Interruptions are rife, everything is a priority and everyone is busy all of the time. Even in the best companies with an excellent track record of winning new business, the chances are that growth has come hand-in-hand with complexity, and complexity means work.

And when teams do set aside time to discuss strategy or the longer-term, the experience can be frustrating. There is a meeting of people but no meeting of minds. Some people are talking over each other; others are sitting with knitted brows. And everything comes back to today’s problems.

No wonder that most business plans and strategies end up gathering dust in a desk drawer. Even the professors and gurus can’t agree on a clear way to approach these topics! So the results are often disappointing and irrelevant to the day-to-day reality of most employees.

But what if you were able to break through all that? What if you could…

1. Inspire everyone with a clear blueprint for your future growth?

2. Figure out how to win fair and square against your competitors?

3. Get your top team to become leaders rather than managers?

If these are what you want, then you might just be in the right place. I’ve been trying to help businesses create strategy throughout my career, both as an employee and as an independent professional, and I know how frustrating it can be. But over the years I’ve found techniques and approaches that seem to work. And I’ve combined them in ways which have helped many clients to achieve greater success in the marketplace.

If you own or run a small or medium-sized organisation then read up about my Essential Strategy programme.  It’s for business owners who worry that their business plan isn’t as clear as it should be. It’s like a GPS system for their business.

If you run an established company then Built for Growth could be for you. This is for CEOs and MDs who know that – if they could only get their team to discuss strategy in a way that wasn’t so draining – they could achieve much more for their business and for everyone involved.

If you’re facing a tough competitor then I recommend my Outsmarting Competitors wargame approach. This gives you fresh insights into how to outsmart and outperform your most dangerous competitor.


To find out more about whether my services might be relevant to you, click here.